My name is Rinie Hoogendoorn. I'm a painter from The Netherlands (1973 vintage) with no formal education in the arts.

My main subject is the female nude. Sometimes conventional, but lately it has taken a turn towards the erotic. My aim is not eroticism per se, but to examine if what appears to be a salacious scene can be imbued with traditional painterly values.


My paintings tend to be subdued in colour. In part that's simply a matter of taste and of technique, since I work with an underpaiting in earth tones. But at least partly it is because I am mildly colour-blind, which makes me somewhat cautious when it comes to colour. I'm not quite sure if that's something I should embrace or improve.


Since I'm a great admirer of seventeenth century art, some baroque influences may show here and there. For one, I've adorned most of my paintings with mottos from seventeenth century love emblems and my own translations of emblem texts.